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Lightness of Being- Arts in Foggy Bottom

Video and Article Credit: Arts in Foggy Bottom Statement

Lightness of Being

Each of us is on a spiritual and personal growth journey. Each person has their own values, lifestyle, personality, and genetic disposition. The best we can do is to open ourselves to new opportunities and grow as we engage in the next step in our own process of becoming.

Creating and fostering working relationships with people has been central to my careers in ministry, psychotherapy, and international diplomacy. For many years, I enjoyed helping people solve problems and move toward more fulfilling lives.

The cubes in Lightness of Being represent personality characteristics and spiritual growth. Each cube relates to one’s attitude and life phases. The higher on the column, the more open and transparent is the personality.

Materials: welded steel frame with cubes made of steel, copper pipe, cherry wood, and glass bulbs. Many of the materials used in my works are recycled or salvaged.

Dimensions: 158” H x 48” W x 48” D


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